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Sukuhov Liberté
02 December 2010 @ 10:31 pm
I'm back from the fucking dead.

And I made a new journal: cyberdramon64

It has nothing on it because

a) I just made it
b) It's like 9:30 at night and it's a ~*~school night~*~ (I'm a college student now!) so erm...yeah.

No need to feel obligated to add me on my new journal. I was pretty lame on here (hence making the new one in the first place). I just thought it would be polite to mention it on here because it isn't as though I hate(d) you all. You were nice people and it was fun to read your journals before but, yeah, I was a huge pain there so completely understand if you didn't care about adding me. Plus it's been so long, so I wouldn't be surprised if half of you were like, "Bwah? Who's this person?"

Anyway, I'll see you around I suppose~.
Sukuhov Liberté
17 April 2010 @ 02:35 pm
Yeeeah I haven't commented or made a journal post on anything since, uh... early January? And I should have said something earlier but I felt blah about the whole thing. Just, no, I'm not dead yet, real life is just too stressful and blah for me to keep up with LJ all the damn time. I dunno why exactly, it just is. I do really miss you guys, and it isn't as though I completely abandoned LJ this whole time, because I did read posts here and there (not every one, just some) but yeeeah I've been quiet. To make up for it, I... got a Twitter. zomg I know some of you have one. It's totally okay if you don't want to add me or anything because I certainly don't deserve to win any friendship awards, but I can't really keep up with LJ anymore and with Twitter it's not like I have much excuse. I'm not saying bye to LJ forever, this isn't my last post or anything, but yeeeah it's definitely some weird hiatus thing and I got a Twitter to try and make it a little better. Sorry I just keep doing this over and over again--the hiatus thing--I hope things get better later and then I can actually faithfully keep up with this more because I do like LJ, really. But I'm not going to revolve my life around it, and sometimes "real life" becomes more important so yeeeah. Plus I don't think you really want me making LJ entries all the time right now oh geez.

As for an update (because Twitter doesn't really give one)...hahaha there really isn't one. :| I, uh, started getting into Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999. Attempting poorly to work on writing. ZOMG SO AMAZING. Oh and SoulSilver is like taking over my liiiiife. My only regret is that I never got to play Pokémon Silver because the game I got had a dead battery. So I played until like the runes shit and then it was like HEY, YEAH, THAT SAVE FILE YOU'VE BEEN SAVING? DOESN'T EXIST!!

Oh and I ALMOST finished Gundam Wing but but then I found Funimation had Galaxy Express 999 on their website (good thing because you know how fucking hard it is to legally buy ANYTHING Galaxy Express 999-ish? I TRIED TO BUY THE MOVIES, BUT THEY WERE LIKE "HAHAHA NO MOVIES FOR YOU!") and I'm paranoid one day it'll be gone so I'm trying to watch that show as fast as I can except I fail and it's been a month and I'm only on episode thirty of 133 or something and I put Gundam Wing on hold and I only had two discs left to watch. ;_; ONE DAY I WILL FINISH YOU, GUNDAM WING.

Yeah anyway sorry for being a crappy friend, I hope I can "join" LJ again soonish. ♥;;;
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Sukuhov Liberté
Thanks a lot for the advice last time seriously asdfasdfa ♥ NOW HERE'S AN ENTRY THAT, UH...is weird but not sad in any way? Unless you think my subconscious is sad. Like, in the pathetic way.

I had two really vivid dreams last night. I mean, rarely do I get to have vivid dreams I remember, let alone two in a row! But I don't remember the first one as well. All I can really remember of the first one was we (me and my family--not my real family, though, my family and me were entirely different "characters") were moving to a new town, and, driving into the new town, I looked around and the buildings and everything were really pretty. But for some reason Jim Broadbent was there STARING AT ME. LIKE A CREEPER. With glasses. WHY ARE YOU A CREEPER IN MY DREAM, BROADBENT ;-; Oh and the new house we moved to was really weird but very, very cool looking. I wouldn't be able to describe the architecture, but it almost seemed a bit futuristic.

Oh I totally remember a third dream but I dunno if it came before this one or after...It reminded me of a video game, but I can't remember it to well. I was in a medieval town and I think I was trying to sneak away from guards? So I was on the castle grounds and there was this...uh, thing (I can't remember if it was a boulder, or a random building made of stone a part of the castle or what) that had like a secret trap door so I go in there and hide, and I think at some part I had to fight some huuuge thing...very weird. But it was really cool, damn, why can't I remember this one as well! It keeps reminding me of Zelda, I'm such a neeeerd. But usually my Zelda dreams look like the 2D video games, this one actually looked like REAL LIFE

Talking about the third dream makes this a bit long so whee cutCollapse )

The last dream made me in a very retro mood. (And I was already feeling really nostalgic because of Pokemon and Digimon! Aaaah I need to go find an awesomely retro 80s movie to watch) And I really want to go travel somewhere because of that scenery porno dream. ;_; I wish I could traaaavel.

My dog is being weird and sitting near me because I HAS FOOD and sneezing every two seconds. Kricket's allergic to me! Stop sitting there all moopy, puppy, I'm not sharing my foood.

Remind me why I'm eating Bagel Bites when my teeth are all sore.
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Sukuhov Liberté
15 January 2010 @ 02:26 pm
Auuuugh, seriously, I HATE FRYING FOOD. It's the one thing that I just suck at when it comes to cooking. I always fail at it some how. And grease is a bitch to clean. And I'm cramping (buuuut I don't think in the period sense I dunno WEIRD PAINS IN THAT GENERAL AREA) and some Advil didn't really help fff.

Okay, anyway, I know I've been super quiet for like THIS WHOLE MONTH BASICALLY and it's because I've felt like shit and I didn't want my shittiness to spread. Everything I said just made me feel like a total prick so I thought it was just better to just keep my mouth shut and rarely comment. If I've said something really rude lately please disregard it, it wasn't meant to be that way, and I deeply apologize. And although the shittiness in my life hasn't exactly improved, I do at least feel better about it, so don't worry about how I'm doing, I'm fine~!

Aaaaand Hetalia has officially taken over my life and I'm sorry if you think that's super annoying but I swear I'm not one of the crazy fangirls. I mostly just give a shit about Russia and China. And Hong Kong. And Canada. And Greece. And occasionally the UK and America.

Aaaand the food I failed fantastically at frying kind of sucks AWESOME oh well I wasn't that hungry anyway. *dies* Also it's frozen food and the sell-by date was uh. October. Oops. brb dying of food poisoning now *shot*

ALSO I had a weeeird dream that would kind of change to a different dream and then come back to the first one WTF and there were these people getting infected by this disease that caused horrible mutations and made them act like zombies (but they WEREN'T zombies okay they were aliiiiive) and it actually wasn't that fun of a dream because of the whole TRYING NOT TO GET INFECTED thing but my old history teacher showed up in it whaaat. And then in one of the weird random dreams that would sort of "interrupt" that one, I was talking to lightpipe about Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem manga. I...dunno. Do they even have manga for Fire Emblem?
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Sukuhov Liberté
26 December 2009 @ 04:23 pm
S-sob I suck I WAS TOO BUSY TO REALLY READ LJ IN THE PAST FEW DAYS, LET ALONE MAKE A POST SAYING ~*~MERRY CHRISTMAS~*~ OR SOMETHING, but I already did give a holiday greeting in my last post so oh well, I'm covered. :B

I didn't get the comic I wanted for Christmas, and my mom led me to believe I'd get a Fire Emblem game but I didn't... but other than that my Christmas was okay. (My family is pretty lame about Christmas now. :| So I did enjoy my presents, but...that's it.) I GOT A NEW MP3 PLAYER (Zuuune 4 GB -- I asked for a 4 GB one, as an mp3 player with a huge amount of space is a waste of money for me since I constantly change my music selections) AND IT'S BLACK AND I NAMED IT LONÁN. :3 My last mp3 player was shitty so even if this Zune isn't amazing I'm still like "Eeee~!" about it. LIKE OMG I CAN HAVE A BACKGROUND ON IT.

I also got a shitload of shortbread. AND IT'S BASICALLY ALL MINE. Sooo much shortbread. My dad likes it too but he barely eats any, so.

And I got the first two seasons of Batman the Animated Series from small_plum who spoils me too much. THANKS THOUGH ♥♥♥


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Sukuhov Liberté
20 December 2009 @ 04:45 pm
Holy shit why is it the twentieth I don't wanna wrap presents. D: *continues to put it off* I'm really not in the Christmas mood this year. >__> I feel terrible for it but... uh, this fall has just been kind of crazy this year! Oh well. It's not horrible or anything, so that's good at least!

I don't think I'll ever understand "shipping wars" and all that crap. Ever. On one hand, I understand really enjoying certain pairings...I'm really not into that sort of thing, but it doesn't take a genius to understand the concept. I mean, there's a few ships I really like, but most of mine are just crack... like my new one, China/Russia. OH GOD HETALIA HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU I pretty much only shipped them because they are my favourites so it's like LOL WHY NOT, THEIR LOVE IS ABSOLUTELY COMMUNISTIC and then I found out it was actually popular and this really amused me, but anyway I'm actually talking about those people who are really devoted to their one ship (er, at least the ship in that particular fandom) and so dedicate pretty much all their fanfiction and fanart and fanvideos and WHATEVER ELSE to that ship. Which, okay, I would never do that since I never care about relationships that much, but I can understand really enjoying something enough to do that.

But shipping wars are just... sooo pathetic. Just. I know on the Internet people with bitch about everything FROSTING WANK is the best thing ever. Or, like, KNITTING WANK. Or SHAMPOO WANK. "You BITCH, you have the gall to use five dollar shampoo? ONLY ~*~REAL~*~ PEOPLE USE THIRTY DOLLAR SHAMPOO AT THE CHEAPEST YOU'RE A FILTHY WHORE!!!11!!" and, being from Harry Potter fandom I'm totally used to people bitching about their fandom pairings. BUT IT'S SO INSANE. Like, wow, people, just... get a life. *dies*

And I saw Princess and the Frog again the other day and really liked it. :3 THE SHADOW MAN IS SO AWESOME AAAAAH like uuuh he's not Scar but..he uses VOODOO, COME ON. And he has the same voice as GOLIATH. I love him so much. And I'm so lame, he's made me kind of obsessed with tarot cards again. My tarot cards suck. ;_; I WANT HIS SO BAD OH GEEZ. If they ever made any I WOULD WANT THEM SO BAD. EVEN IF THEY WERE LIKE A HUNDRED DOLLARS I WOULD BUY THEM. AAAH. A-anyway though uuuh I wish Tiana could have done a bit more, because the movie tried to give a lot of characters enough screen time so...it wasn't like Tiana did absolutely nothing, but she was so cool, she could have done more. ;_; Oh well, at least Naveen gets character development! Though I suppose after the Disney Renaissance, a prince getting character development isn't exactly amazing...we already got the Beast and Aladdin... uh. Does Hercules count? Did he even get any development? Wow it's been forever since I saw that movie. ANYWAY. GO WATCH THE MOVIE. PRONTO! I was going to see Avatar but I just saw the frog movie instead, ha. I'm cool.
EDIT: Uhm, when I said I wished Tiana did more, I didn't mean I didn't think she didn't do enough for the plot. She certainly did a lot in the movie (even as a whittle froggie~) and I looooved her character and personality. I just think this movie tried to show a lot of characters at once (Tiana and Naveen have character growth, and you also have Ray, Louis, the Shadow Man, Mama Odie, Lottie...) and it doesn't quiiite balance it very well. You end up wanting MORE of the movie. For example, they showed the Shadow Man's plan very well and his motivations were clear, but his backstory seems utterly fascinating and the movie just leaves you wanting more. Same with Tiana! I almost wish the movie was more simplistic so we could have more Tiana, because I loooooved her and her character was so refreshing. More screen time for Tiana would have been great. That's all I meant by that. I have a hard time explaining it...of course sometimes a good story leaves you wanting more, but...I dunno. :x TIANA IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY THOUGH. ♥

Also wow my family is made of complete and utter fail. Yay for Hetalia music keeping me sane yesterday while I nearly had a nervous breakdown. :| Also I hate it when my characters are being kind of attention whores. "Seriously? I have to write another book just to appease you? BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PLOT IDEA FOR YOU aaaaah" Also it's kind of hard researching Inuit culture. ;_; Like, harder than researching... German culture or something. Sigh. I'LL JUST GO RESEARCH DOG BREEDS RIGHT NOW INSTEAD, THAT'S EASIER.
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Sukuhov Liberté
17 December 2009 @ 10:58 pm

Disney's made a live action fantasy movie for Russia called Книга Мастеров (Kniga Masterov). Check out the trailer!

This article has a bit of information and a very cute teaser trailer you should see. :3 And then this one has a tiny bit more information. *dies*

But aaah I wish I could see this! Maybe because it's Disney there could be a DVD offered in America without much delay? And hopefully without a high price tag thanks to it being an import. Blaaah, there's already so many things I can't own because they're imported. Anime is evil!!!1! And, like, stupid!! And stuff!! And omg why do I want to watch movies with SUBTITLES like omg they're so stupid! = my mom

I'M GOING TO REMAIN HOPEFUL I hope this is a good moooovie~
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Sukuhov Liberté
09 December 2009 @ 04:59 pm
Thanks for the Christmas Mix, jdbracknell! It is very, very cool. And thanks for the virtual gift, green_aurora! ♥♥♥

I'm supposed to go see The Princess and the Frog on Friday. I really, really hope it's good. Aaaah DISNEY, I BELIEVE IN YOU, SO YOU BETTER HAVE MADE A GOOD MOVIE ;_; I WANT YOU TO BE AWESOME I'm try really hard not to think about the movie too much because I don't want absurdly high expectations

It's really really cold and I demand snow. I mean, I shouldn't have to deal with this kind of cold weather without snow. It never gets this cold without snowing. So WHERE ARE YOU, SNOW, HUH???

This music video is pretty...insane. But damn, ever since I heard the song I can't stop listening to it. It's really, really catchy. And yeah, Lady Gaga... I don't really have an opinion on her. All her other songs are just all right--not something I'd listen to a lot, but if it came up on the radio (if I listened to one much) I wouldn't change the station out of disgust--and...I'm not a fashion person, so I can't really state an opinion on that part. Though it bugs me how everyone calls her ugly all the time. I don't think she is, and you don't need to be "sexy" or "beautiful" to be a singer or why the fuck does it matter? If she was a man no one would care about her face. :|

Anyway, the song! I like the chorus but I don't like the end part of the chorus as much since it's so weird. Oh well. And seriously, what the fuck with the music video? At least the ending part with the FIIIIRE is cool, and I like the red outfit she wears at the end. The make up there is cool too. Actually, I generally like her make up, it's just her clothes that make me go WTF. But I'm not a clothes person, so I can't exactly critic that.

pfffft stop being so catchy I need to stop listening to you, song.
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Sukuhov Liberté
07 December 2009 @ 12:20 am
Wow, thanks for the virtual gift thingies, the_404_error and icysnowdrop!! ♥♥♥♥♥ NO, REALLY, I'VE NEVER GOTTEN ANY BEFORE. I feel special~

Now that the Christmas lights are being put in my house I feel a bit more in the holiday mood, I guess, except now I'm just sort of freaking out over presents. D: I FEEL SORT OF BAD, BUT I DON'T THINK I'LL REALLY GET IN THE MOOD THIS YEAR, EVEN IF I WATCH A HUNDRED CHRISTMAS SPECIALS. Ah oh well, no one I know really bothers with it anyway. And I'm not in the mood to watch a Christmas movie.

My mom's side if the family is really fucked up arrrrrgh I don't even want to talk about it.

That whole gift-giving meme everyone posts every year is weird. I always feel horrible asking for stuff and all I'd beg for--I mean, ask for, is a Wii, or Final Fantasy IV on GBA anyway lol that is so practical >__> and the giving part always confuses me. Am I supposed to comment saying YEAH I'LL TOTALLY GIVE YOU THAT PRESENT? That just... seems retarded. I'd rather surprise them closer to Christmas Day! But then it's like you're ignoring what they're asking for. Maybe I'm just easily confused. D:

I took an online quiz and the results amused me.

...Well, all right, they aren't THAT amusing.Collapse )

I HAVE A QUESTION: I got this version of "Carol of the Bells" stuck in my head and I can't figure out what version it is fffff. It's not Trans-Siberian Orchestra's version, but it's intrumental. It's not the version by Mannheim Steamroller, but it sounds a bit similar? Like it's kind of 80s sounding. >__> Like it uses a synthesizer or something. I REMEMBER IT SOUNDING QUITE EPIC and the Mannheim version just doesn't START the same way as the one stuck in my head.

I can't find this instrumental version anywhere despite the fact I swear it plays on the radio ALL THE TIME. Maybe it plays in a Christmas movie? 0: If anyone has any idea what version it could be would they let me know?
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Sukuhov Liberté
04 December 2009 @ 10:38 pm
I'm freezing my ass off. So why the fuck am I eating ice cream?

It's chocolate and peanut butter. Just "okay". But soooob it's cold ;_; My nose is cold. The cold makes me whiny. LJ IS SLOW LATELY, WOE. And I want to play Fire Emblem now D:
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